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  • PUTTING: Work on your mechanics, a repetitive putting stroke lowers scores

  • TARGET LINE: Learn what being aimed at your target means for you

  • BALL LINE: See how different ball placement affects your shot

  • HAND POSITION: Check hand position, centered, pressed forward or back

  • CLUB FACE: Check clubface at address, know if you are open, closed or square

  • DIVOT INDICATOR: Check location & direction

Why could it take up to 90 days to receive my SQRD UP after ordering?
SQRD UP is a cutting edge laser alignment tool new to market.  It is currently being hand machined ensuring the highest quality.  

Would I be able to use SQRD UP PRO while playing a round of golf?
SQRD UP PRO is a teaching tool and is not legal in tournament play.  It may be used during practice rounds and practice facilities. 

What are the best conditions under which to use SQRD UP PRO?
SQRD UP lasers are visible in full daylight, but are brightest when viewed during morning and evening hours, in cloudy or overcast conditions, and in shade.

 The visibility of a laser light depends on several factors:

  • Output power - The higher the output power of a laser, the higher the visibility.

  • Wavelength - The human eye has a spectral response from 400 to 700nm with peak responsivity at about 550nm.  A 1mW, 635nm red laser is about 3 times brighter than a 650nm and 5 times brighter than a 670nm, even though all three (3) have the same output power of 1mW.

  • Ambient lighting -High ambient lighting levels at the target will yield low contrast and therefore low visibility. The best visibility generally occurs in presence of low levels of ambient lighting.

How long with the battery charge last?The CR123A rechargeable battery will take 500 charges.  A fully charged battery will last for three (3) hours and will recharge within three (3) hours.  The LED indicator will blink red while charging and green when fully charged.  If the LED indicator blinks without pausing, unplug unit for 30 seconds and plug back in. 

Does SQRD UP PRO have any temperature constraints?
The SQRD UP laser has an operating temperature of -20° C / -4° F to 40° C / 104° F.  Therefore, it is recommended that SQRD UP PRO only be used within the ambient temperature range of 13° C / 55° F - 38° C / 100 F°.  The heat produced by the lasers combined with a high ambient temperature will intensify the heat of the unit. The wavelength of a laser diode module shifts about 2nm with every 10 degree rise in temperature, which means at higher temperatures the visibility will be reduced.

Why green?
The human eye has a spectral response from 400 to 700nm (wavelength) with peak responsivity at about 550nm. The green wavelength is 495-570nm, therefore, the green wavelength is the best to be seen by the human eye.

How long do the lasers last?
The lifetime of a laser diode module is 25,000 - 50,000 hours. Please note if the laser diode temperature rises to exceed the maximum operating temperature (40⁰ C, 104⁰ F), the diode can be catastrophically damaged or the long term performance may degrade significantly.

Are the lasers safe?
Lasers need to be respected.  Always be aware of the location of the laser light being emitted when using SQRD UP PRO or any laser product.  Avoid direct contact with eyes of yourself and bystanders located near you. Never point SQRD UP lasers at people, vehicles, aircraft, or boats, no matter the distance.  See the Laser Warning, below.

What is the warranty on SQRD UP PRO?
SQRD UP PRO is warranted against defects in material & workmanship for six (6) months from date of shipment. Damage due to accident, alteration, misuse, or abuse resulting from repair by unauthorized parties is not covered. Any disassembling of the unit other than battery replacement will void the warranty. We will repair or replace unit within the above warranty. For out of warranty coverage or damage by user, please email for a repair estimate or replacement cost. 

If the laser warning label is removed, the warranty is void.

What is the return policy?
Please contact SQRD UP at for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA #) prior to returning the product. When returning the product, we recommend tracking your shipment. You are responsible for any freight & insurance charge. SQRD UP is not responsible for any shipping loss.

General Disclaimer:
Squared Up Corporation is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages, loss, or expenses arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use, misuse, or performance of the product.VISIBILITY OUTDOORS - SQRD UP can be viewed outdoors in full daylight, however is best viewed during morning & evening hours, cloudy/overcast conditions & shade. Remember the sun wins in the brightness contest.

SQRD UP is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages, loss, or expenses arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use, misuse, or performance of the product.